Local Artists Series

We love local art! Each weekend we display works from a local artist.  The artwork will be displayed in our greenhouse where you can explore some of the finer things in life – art and horticulture. Most pieces are for sale, and all profits go to the artist.

 Sally Niemann April 7-9


An artist, gardener, quilter and writer, Sally has recently added a new medium to her art; acrylic painting on pressed wood that has a farmhouse-rustic appeal and gives her subjects an interesting dimension in the background. With her years of experience in drawing, mixed media, and illustration; the country images, bird nests, and botanical subjects have now found new life in her paintings.

Sally and her husband have lived in Fort Collins for 22 years and she also enjoys extensive gardening on their 10 acre tree farm, sketching from nature, creating fiber art, learning new painting techniques, bird watching, and writing poetry.


Victoria Lauren July 7th-9th


Victoria Loren is a Fort Collins based photographer focused on capturing and sharing the natural beauty of the world around her. Developing her skills and love for the art from a young age, Victoria has developed a unique style ranging from whimsically fantastic to piercingly dark. Drawing inspiration from nature and dreams alike, Victoria strives to express that you can make a whole future from a broken past.
Victoria’s passion for photography was established in her teen years, inherited from her step-father who is a professional photographer. Over the last decade she has devoted her energy into perfecting her craft and sharing her creativity through her photography business, Victoria Loren Photography. Drawing on her own past hardships and the raw beauty of nature, Victoria uses a keen eye to create unique and powerful images during her editing process. The final product results in images that evoke the whole gamut of emotions.
Victoria dreams not only of speaking to her audience through art but desires to make a positive global impact. Her other company Milk Drop Galaxy, which specializes in affordable eco-friendly athletic artwear, supports Victoria’s vision to travel and be a relief worker to those in need around the world. Victoria longs for any opportunity to bring focus to fundamental, and often unnoticed, aspects of life, such as basic human contact and love for all. Through her clothing line, Victoria hopes to spread that light around the world while protecting Mother Earth and her inhabitants.
Victoria has lived in Fort Collins, CO for the past 5 years and works as a CNA during the daytime (and nighttime). She is the loving mother of both canine and feline fur babies. During her free time, Victoria explores self-expression and growth through the aerial arts, mainly practicing on the lyra. She has also starting developing her own jewelry line. Victoria’s message is to not let anyone or anything stop you from becoming your full, beautiful self. Life, even in the wake of challenge and despair, is meant to be loved, lived and cherished.

Lisa Gullo October 20th-22nd

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Lisa will be donating a portion of her sales made to Foco Cafe! Lisa is a local photographer who was born and raised in the beautiful city of Chicago. In 2010, she decided to pack her bags and live out a long held dream of residing near the mountains. With city roots and mountain wings, she considers herself blessed to get to appreciate and photograph vastly different landscapes and lifestyles. She now resides happily in Fort Collins with her husband and Chocolate Lab.

Being raised in a family of creators, Lisa developed a strong love for the arts and photography at a young age. She is the owner of Flash House Photography, and photographs everything from babies to bands, with a strong focus on portrait and family photography. When she is not shooting for Flash House, Lisa is taking full advantage of the beautiful Colorado landscape. She has built a large personal portfolio of Colorado landscape photography that will be displayed in this exhibit.