Local Artists Series

We love local art! Each weekend we display works from a local artist.  The artwork will be displayed in our greenhouse where you can explore some of the finer things in life – art and horticulture. Most pieces are for sale, and all profits go to the artist. See our local artist schedule below.


Rande Brewer  July 14-16

Rande Price Brewer is a professional award winning artist from Glenwood Springs, Co. Though she is not currently showing in galleries she has shown at Gallery 809 and Cooper Corner Gallery in Glenwood Springs. She has had entries in the professional sections of many shows over the past 20 years and has received awards in most of them. Rande majored in art at UC Boulder. After graduating she continued her education at the Art Institute of Chicago for 2 additional years. Rande works with oils, acrylics and digital illustration. She has many styles and continues to experiment with line, shapes, perspective texture and color in the attempt to create new art that has a warm welcoming and intriguing impact. Her latest style can be seen in her dog portraits which are created with painted collage photography and digital enhancement.


Mary Anne Hjelmfelt Aug. 11-13

Hi, I’m Mary Anne Hjelmfelt (‘Mare’ for short) and I create so you can surround yourself with beautiful colors and visuals that nourish your soul. I believe art is a universal language that can bring a peaceful smile when we need it. My company, Mare’s Art, emerged after years of working in graphic design. Returning to my fine art roots has allowed me to let out whatever bubbles to mind, and my creations serve a receptive audience. We are all creative souls and the more freedom we allow that to flourish the better. I was taught oil painting in school, but I think when we get to have choices, we pick the best match. So, I was drawn towards Acrylic painting because I was never taught it, and wanted a challenge. Now, along with that acrylic paint, I layer my canvases with interesting textured papers and materials to keep a viewer engaged and intrigued. Mixed media has become one of my favorite ventures. At my heart, I still want to save the planet. My core subject matter involves an aspect of nature as that reminder, then I build up extra paint or everyday objects to give a 3-D feel.
Living authentically by example I believe, is one of the best ways to inspire others, especially our children to be their best. When we’re the best version of ourselves, we all benefit.


Kaley Alie Aug. 17-19

I am Kaley, the self-taught artist with the mismatch brushes, paint under my fingernails and a love for our natural environment. As a 4th generation Colorado Native, I am lucky to have a strong appreciation for fresh mountain air, cold water, wild animals, and beautiful places within me. All of these things are simple, yet powerful. They evoke feelings, curiosity and memories and they are my inspiration. I am learning to believe that balance is the secret to a happy life, and for me that is devoting time to both the outdoors and my studio. As an artist, I am intimidated by a blank canvas, clean paintbrush and an empty pallet. However, both art and nature are teaching me to let go of expectations, put one foot in front of the other and to be present in the experience.

It is when I embrace the unknown of hiking a new trail or mixing all of my own colors (which I always do) that I feel pure joy. This happiness is fulfilling and contagious and that is why I create.


 Jennifer Quaco Nov. 30-Dec. 2

Jennifer Quaco received her degree in Fine Arts from UNC. She has specialized in pastels and watercolors for a number of years, showing in a number of solo and juried shows. As a realistic painter taking photos for reference, she recently added photography which reflect her artistic eye. A number of her pastels and watercolors can be viewed on Facebook at J Quaco Fine Arts.