Local Artists Series

We love local art! Each weekend we display works from a local artist.  The artwork will be displayed in our greenhouse where you can explore some of the finer things in life – art and horticulture. Most pieces are for sale, and all profits go to the artist. See our local artist schedule below.


Kaley Alie Aug. 17-19

I am Kaley, the self-taught artist with the mismatch brushes, paint under my fingernails and a love for our natural environment. As a 4th generation Colorado Native, I am lucky to have a strong appreciation for fresh mountain air, cold water, wild animals, and beautiful places within me. All of these things are simple, yet powerful. They evoke feelings, curiosity and memories and they are my inspiration. I am learning to believe that balance is the secret to a happy life, and for me that is devoting time to both the outdoors and my studio. As an artist, I am intimidated by a blank canvas, clean paintbrush and an empty pallet. However, both art and nature are teaching me to let go of expectations, put one foot in front of the other and to be present in the experience.

It is when I embrace the unknown of hiking a new trail or mixing all of my own colors (which I always do) that I feel pure joy. This happiness is fulfilling and contagious and that is why I create.


Marianne Cruikshank/ Thistle Studios Sept. 14-16

Marianne Cruikshank (Thistle Studios) comes from a long line of artists traced back to George Cruikshank, a painter, illustrator, and caracaturist of the seventeenth century, best known today for the illustrations he created for Charles Dickens. Marianne’s career has included work in many mediums, however, she is best known for her printmaking, photography, and batik on rice paper. She majored in Fine Art at Montclair University as half of a double major. She later continued her printmaking studies under several well- known printmakers, including Susan Altman and Shirley Campbell. Marianne began her professional career as Art Director for Nationwide Marketing Associates in New York City where she decided that fine art was her passion. Together with being a lifelong student of the arts, Marianne has taught drawing, printmaking, batik on rice paper and creativity classes in her own studio as well as for the Delaware Township Recreation Commission in Pennsylvania.

Since arriving in Colorado, Marianne has rounded out her art education with a certification program in digital graphic art at Denver Art Institute. She has also showed her work statewide and received many awards for her work at such venues as Grand Junction, Idaho Springs, Steamboat Springs, and our own Loveland to name a few. Previously she maintained memberships in several east coast art organizations and was a founding member of the Pike County PA Creativity Alliance. Locally, she has held memberships in the Gilpin County Art Association, the Longmont Artists Guild, the Thompson Valley Art League and the Loveland Photographic Society.

While most of her work is grounded in reality, she frequently engages in flights of fancy and loves to incorporate allusions into her work. Strongly grounded in her Celtic heritage, many of her subjects or allusions speak to her ancient Druid past as well as more modern day Celtic symbolism.

“Process is very important in my work, as well as good design and texture. I think that these principles guided me to the mediums that I most love.”

Marianne has a fondness for black and white as well as color. She believes that they can speak with as much power, and at times more so, than the more vibrant hues. To this end, she has done several shows with only black and white works, which she explains in the following Haiku referencing the light receptors in our eyes:

Cones and rods search the

Darkness. Colors fade. Black and

White are colors too

“I love to share the processes that comprise the various printmaking techniques, often bringing along the wood, metal, and plastic plates that contain my final designs. Folks that have no prior experience with actual “pulled” prints are fascinated by the thought and planning that they require as well as the attention to detail necessary throughout the execution. I particularly love to explain the difference between a “copy” of an artwork and the original artwork that is a “hand pulled print.”

Marianne has called Colorado home for the last 23 years, currently residing in Loveland, where she teaches classes and accepts commissions. Contact her at 970-397-4868 or CelticWestie14@outlook.com.


Gregory Mayse Oct. 19-21

Gregory captures the emotions of life in his paintings. Inspiration comes from his experiences in the great outdoors with many of the animals featured in his colorful works. The majority of his paintings are in oils, but recently he has painted a few pieces in acrylics.
Gregory has spent the past 8 years returning to his original creative passion of painting. Several pieces have been juried into regional and national art shows.  He has served as a juror for both art and photography in fine art shows. Wildlife and landscape photography are also an important part of his career.
Creativity is life for Gregory. Most of his life has been spent as a photographer, painter, writer, illustrator, graphic designer and musician.
Originally from Ohio, he relocated to northern Colorado in 2001 and is the owner of Wolf River Studio.  A variety of his paintings and photographs can be purchased at www.wolfriverstudio.com.

 Jennifer Quaco Nov. 30-Dec. 2

Jennifer Quaco received her degree in Fine Arts from UNC. She has specialized in pastels and watercolors for a number of years, showing in a number of solo and juried shows. As a realistic painter taking photos for reference, she recently added photography which reflect her artistic eye. A number of her pastels and watercolors can be viewed on Facebook at J Quaco Fine Arts.


Wolf Eyes Photography – Stacey Mead December 7-9

“I’m a photographer, nature lover, and mother to my daughter (and 4-legged babies). I believe that following your passion is where quality of life is found. 

My beginnings started at the base of a mountain in LaPorte, Colorado. A mountain which provided a vast array of wildlife, and planted in me a deep seeded love for the outdoors.

Finally, after three decades of venturing into these secluded areas I am able to bring some of that beauty to you….the ones who also find serenity in nature”