Watering Annuals and Veggies During the Summer Heat

Annuals and Vegetables

Premium grade potting mix is the best soil for annual containers because it provides good water retention without getting soggy. For both vegetables and annuals, watering frequency depends on the size of your container, sun/wind conditions and weather. A large container in a shady area will require less water than a small container in full sun under the same weather conditions. Water anything in the ground deeply in order to encourage deep rooting systems.

When the temperature soars above 90, you may see vegetable plants wilt mid-day. When it’s too hot, the plant will kind of “shut down” and conserve moisture. Wilting does not always indicate the plant needs water. Check the soil for moisture before watering. Use shade cloth, build a temporary pergola or something similar to protect the plants during the hottest hours of the day. As the season progresses, tomato plants and other veggies start to look rough. Over-watering will not make them look better. They look ragged because the energy is being directed to fruit production, so stick to the plan and water when the soil needs it, not because you feel bad for the plant.