Indoor Plants

Houseplants, Cacti, Succulents, Orchids, Air Plants and so much more!

Our tropical greenhouse is overflowing with beautiful foliage and a great selection of the best low-maintenance and exotic houseplants. There are many options for bright, sunny rooms or low light rooms. Many houseplants are naturally adapted to low light and are ultra-efficient at capturing light. We can help you choose the right plants to make your home more inviting.

Not only do houseplants make your home more beautiful and inviting, they absorb indoor air pollution and keep you healthy! Polluted indoor air is a major cause of headaches, nausea, itchy eyes and other discomforts.

Sources of Indoor Air Pollution Include:

  • Mold and pollen
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Household cleaning products
  • Gases such as radon and carbon monoxide
  • Building materials that off-gas chemicals

Toxins that Houseplants Absorb:

  • Benzene – a common solvent found in oils and paints
  • Trichloroethylene – used in paints, adhesives, inks and varnishes.
  • Formaldahyde – used in building materials like particle board and foam insulation.
    and many, many more!


The 10 Best Houseplants For Detoxifying Air:

  • Aloe Vera
  • English Ivy
  • Rubber Tree
  • Peace Lily
  • Snake Plant
  • Bamboo Palm
  • Philodendron
  • Spider Plant
  • Red-Edged Dracaena
  • Golden Pothos