Summer Watering for Trees and Shrubs

Trees and Shrubs

As with everything, the important thing to remember with watering trees and shrubs is dependent on the variety, sun conditions, soil conditions and various factors of the plant. A shrub on one side of your house will likely require a different watering schedule than the same exact shrub on a different side of your house or at a different property. The best way to water trees is with a long, slow drip. This enables the water to really soak deep into the ground without running off. If water does appear to be running off due to compacted soil, try wetting the soil down, let it sit and then give it a thorough watering later. Doing so allows the shallow soil to loosen up a bit so that water can reach deep tree roots. Be very observant of young, newly planted trees as they are the most susceptible to heat stress and shock. Getting on a watering schedule is the best idea and frequency should be about 2-3 times a week with a thorough, deep watering. Again, refer to the first 6 rules on the main article.