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Our seeds racks are filled to the brim with tasty new varieties for spring! We carry only the highest quality seeds, and each of our seed companies carries a great selection of organic and heirloom varieties. They do not distribute any GMO seeds.

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Seed companies we carry:
  • Botanical Interests – Botanical Interests started their humble beginnings in their owners’ garage. They are located in Broomfield, CO. They pride themselves on their beautiful and informative seed packets. They believe in educating as many gardeners as possible through their seed packets in order to make being a successful gardener simple and easy
 Botanical Interests  
  • Seed Saver’s Exchange – Seed Saver’s Exchange is a non profit dedicated to food security by preserving seeds. “Seed Savers Exchange conserves biodiversity by maintaining a collection of over 20,000 different varieties of heirloom and open-pollinated plants, varieties with the ability to regenerate themselves year after year. “
  • BBB Seeds – BBB Seed is a small, family-owned business founded in 1985 and they have signed the Safe Seed Pledge which is a promise to never knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants. “BBB Seed is committed to providing fresh, high quality, open-pollinated, non-GE (genetically engineered) seed so that you can have success with healthy, productive plantings for a healthy and sustainable environment. Grow. Enjoy. Share… The Beauty and The Bounty!”