Pansy and Alyssum Arrangements We Love

Pansies and Alyssum are perfect Spring flowers. They are fairly hardy (keep above freezing!), display a variety of colors and patterns, and will make the entire space smell amazing. Here are some of our favorite ways to arrange Pansies and Alyssum together, whatever your style!

Use a basket as a planter.

A tried and true method, you can’t go wrong with potted Pansies and Alyssum. Try this fun French Country style basket.

Keep it Classic.

Or add interest with a classic glazed outdoor planter using a Spike to add height and flowing Pansies and Alyssum for movement.

Stay Simple.

Sometimes less is more. Keep things simple and fresh with a warm clay pot and small bunch of Alysum.

Get funky.

If you love thrift store shopping, you’ll love this. Use an old steel or copper tea pot, gravy dish, or flowering can for a pot. This technique adds a lot of character for a fun Shabby Chic look.

Hang it up.

Pansies and Alyssum add a special flow to any hanging basket. Hang them anywhere, including right on your front porch. You’ll delight your guests and family by creating a clean, warm space from the time they enter the door.

What are your favorite ways to arrange these beautiful Spring flowers?