Fruit Trees & Shrubs

Harvest pounds of delicious, organic fruit! Dwarf fruit trees are approximately 12-18 ft tall and wide when fully mature.They reach mature height in a few years, and will begin to fruit in 2-3 years. Plant a fruit tree now, it’s worth the wait!

A small fruit tree is an efficient and economical use of space. You get beautiful spring blooms, abundant shade in the summer, and pounds of fresh, organic fruit in the fall. Dollar for dollar, a fruit tree gives you the biggest return on investment as far as edible crops are concerned. A single dwarf apple tree can produce nearly 500 apples in a season. If you have a root cellar, you can store your produce for months.

The small size makes them easy to prune, easy to harvest, and they won’t grow to be a nuisance that overwhelms your property. We have many varieties in stock, so come talk to us about planting a fruit tree today!