2018 Rose List

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ABOVE ALL Climber Salmon orange Moderate fruity
AMERICA  Climber, Large-flowered Coral pink Strong spicy
ANGEL FACE  Floribunda Clear medium lavender
blushes ruby
Strong, citrus
BLAZE IMPROVED  Climber Pure even red Light tea
BONICA  Shrub Pure pink Fresh-cut apple
BULL’S EYE  Shrub Cream with a cranberry eye zone Moderate sweet spice
CHIHULY  Floribunda Bright yellow, orange and deep red Mild tea
CHRYSLER IMPERIAL  Hybrid Tea Velvety dark red Strong damask rose
COFFEE BEAN  Miniature Smoky red-orange &
shiny rust-orange
CUPID’S KISS  Compact Climber Cerise pink with a large white eye Moderate fruity
CUTIE PIE  Miniature Peach & yellow blend Slight fruity
DISTANT DRUMS Shrub/Floribunda Warm tan washed & orchid pink Moderate myrrh
DON JUAN  Climber, Large-flowered Deep velvety red Strong rose
DORIS DAY  Floribunda Pure even gold yellow Strong fruity and sweet spice
DOUBLE DELIGHT  Hybrid Tea Cream blushing red Strong spicy rose
DOUBLE KNOCKOUT  Shrub Shiny fire-engine red Slight spicy
DROP DEAD RED  Floribunda Dark red velvet Mild sweet
EASY DOES IT  Floribunda Orangey-apricot to honey-pink Moderate fruity
EDITH’S DARLING  Shrub Soft apricot gold with lighter edge Strong fresh cut apple and fruity
ELECTRON  Hybrid Tea Electric deep pink Sweet rose
ELINA  Hybrid Tea Pale primrose-yellow light, citrus
FALLING IN LOVE  Hybrid Tea Warm pink Strong rose & fruit
FIREFIGHTER  Hybrid Tea Dusky velvet red Intense old rose
FRAGRANT CLOUD  Hybrid Tea Deep coral red-orange Strong sweet spice & rose
FRIDA KAHLO Floribunda Striped yellow, orange and red Mildly fruity
GOLDEN SHOWERS  Climber, Large-flowered Bright clear yellow Sweet licorice
HANSA  Rugosa Vibrant violet red Very spicy clove
HEIRLOOM  Hybrid Tea Blends of lilac & lavender
blushing darker
Fruit and apple
HOPE FOR HUMANITY  Shrub Velvety deep saturated red Mild
HOT COCOA  Floribunda Bicolor brownish-orange Moderate fruity
ICEBERG  Floribunda Ice white Mild honey
ICEBERG CLIMBING  Climber Ice white Mild honey
INGRID BERGMAN  Hybrid Tea Velvety red Sweet-and-spicy tea
JOSEPH’S COAT  Climber, Large-flowered Multicolors of red, pink,
orange and yellow
Light tea
JULIA CHILD  Floribunda Warm golden yellow Strong sweet licorice & spice
JUMP FOR JOY  Floribunda Peachy-pink Mild apple
KETCHUP & MUSTARD Floribunda Red with a deep yellow reverse Mild
KNOCKOUT  Shrub Light red to deep pink Light tea
LEGENDS  Hybrid Tea Bright ruby red Moderate fruity
LEMON DROP Miniature Lemonade yellow Light fruity
LIVIN’ EASY  Floribunda Apricot orange blend Moderate fruity
LOVE SONG  Floribunda Clear clean medium lavender Mild citrus
MISTER LINCOLN  Hybrid Tea Velvety deep red Strong damask rose
MORDEN BLUSH  Shrub Blush pink & white Lightly sweet
MORDEN CENTENNIAL Shrub Rich pink Lightly sweet
MORDEN FIREGLOW  Shrub Tomato-orange None
MORDEN SUNRISE Shrub Shades of yellow and orange Slight
NEARLY WILD  Floribunda/Shrub Medium pink Slight apple
NEIL DIAMOND  Hybrid Tea Pink with white stripes Intense sweet & classic rose
NEPTUNE  Hybrid Tea Lavender blushed purple
on the edges
Powerful sweet rose
OH MY!  Floribunda Classic deep velvet red Mild apple
OPENING NIGHT  Hybrid Tea True bright red Slight
OVER THE MOON  Hybrid Tea Warm apricot Moderate fruity
PEACE Hybrid Tea Lemony yellow edged pure pink Mild fruity
PERFUME DELIGHT  Hybrid Tea Deep rose pink Strong rose
PERSIAN YELLOW Foetida Vibrant dark yellow Strong licorice
PINK DOUBLE KNOCKOUT Shrub Medium pink None
QUEEN ELIZABETH  Grandiflora Clear pink Moderate tea
RADIANT PERFUME Grandiflora Deep yellow Strong citrus
RAINBOW HAPPY TRAIL  Groundcover Yellow edged pink Mild tea & fruity
RED RIBBONS  Groundcover Bright lasting red Light
RIO SAMBA  Hybrid Tea Blushing yellow Light
ROCK & ROLL Grandiflora Stripes of burgundy, red & white Strong rose & fruit
ROSIE THE RIVETER Floribunda Orange/gold with pink Moderate fruity and spice
RUBY RUBY Miniature Bright cheery cherry-red Mild
SCENTIMENTAL  Floribunda Burgundy-red swirled with
creamy white
Strong sweet spice
SHEILA’S PERFUME  Floribunda Yellow edged deep pink Strong rose & fruit
SHOCKWAVE  Floribunda Pure hot yellow Mild
SMOKE RINGS  Miniature Cantaloupe orange turns to
smoked purple picotee
SNOW PAVEMENT  Rugosa White with pink blush Strong
SPARKLE & SHINE  Floribunda Glistening long-lasting yellow Moderate fruity
ST. PATRICK Hybrid Tea Yellow-gold shaded green Slight
STORMY WEATHER  Climber, Large-flowered Smoky purply magenta blend Moderate spice
SUGAR MOON  Hybrid Tea Clean bright white Intensely sweet citrus
blossom & rose
SUMMER LOVE  Hybrid Tea Luminous soft yellow Mild sweet
SUNNY KNOCKOUT  Shrub Soft yellow fading white Moderate to light
SUNSHINE HAPPY TRAIL Groundcover Yellow Moderate fruity
TAKE IT EASY  Shrub Velvety dark red with lighter
pink reverse
Slight Tea
TIDDLY WINKS  Miniature Glowing orange-pink interior
with yellow ‘eye’
TOP GUN  Shrub Ruby red Fruity
TOP OF THE WORLD  Climbing Miniature Dark orange with creamy
yellow reverse
Moderate tea to slightly fruity
WATERCOLORS HOME RUN  Shrub Yellow gold blushing pink Moderate spices & cinnamon
WESTERLAND  Shrub/Climber Blended apricot orange Strong spice and rose
WHITE KNOCKOUT Shrub Pure white Citrus
WHITE LICORICE  Floribunda Lemon chiffon suffusing to white Strong sweet licorice &
lemon blossom
WINNIPEG PARKS  Shrub Cherry red Light
YABBA DABBA DOO  Shrub Bright orange pink with a
broad yellow eye