Fairy Garden Birthday Parties

Green thumbs of all ages love creating miniature gardens! Host your next birthday party or social get-together at Bath Garden Center, where we supply everything your group needs to create their own gardens. Packages start at $15 each, and you are welcome to bring party decorations, cupcakes and other party supplies to make the day special. Contact Mundy Miller to schedule a date. mundy@bathgardencenter.com or (970)-484-5022.

$15 fairy garden parties include:

Pot, soil, 1 decorative accessory, 1 plant and decorative rocks. Building a fairy garden usually takes around 20 minutes.  The average block of time for a fairy garden party is 2 hours. We suggest you bring a craft or game and we also have a refrigerator if you wish to store cake, ice cream and beverages.

gnome party1 gnome party2


fairy party fairy party1


Testimony by Michelle Brown:

“Thanks again for the amazing experience we had with your team at Bath Inc. My daughter, Samantha Brown, and her friends and family had a wonderful time! You definitely have something special going on there and we noticed! Our experience was exceptional due to the genuine customer service, attention to detail of the supplies available to create our fairly gardens and overall kindness of the staff throughout the day.”  Cupcakes by Swoon Bakery.

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