Composting & Vermiculture


Composting & Vermiculture

10am & 2pm
Cost: $5.00

Cost $5. This class is offered at 2 different times: 10am and 2pm.
Nothing benefits the soil more than amending it with rich, organic matter. Composting is a relatively easy task, but there are a few ways to speed up the process and things you should know before you spread homemade compost in your garden.
Vermiculture is the process of employing worms to convert organic food waste into rich, fertile soil. Worm composting is an easy, noiseless and clean way to convert your kitchen scraps into compost, especially if you’re limited on outdoor space. The residual liquid from the worm compost can be brewed into compost tea – a highly effective way to treat soil and fertilize plants. Join Phil Phelan for a great discussion about how to start a compost pile or bin, maintain the right ratio of ingredients, and how to incorporate it into your landscape.
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Composting and Vermiculture

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