DIY Small Landscape

When it comes to small landscape, planning is key. We are here to help you build the plan you need to avoid unnecessary stress while landscaping.

What You Get: All plans receive a basic landscape design or redesign. Consultants will give advice on current issues (if any) and will evaluate structure position and soil type. The consultant will draw out a landscaping design which includes plant selection, layout, soil prep, management and suggestions.

The Details: Consultants are experts in horticulture but are not licensed landscape architects. Bath will also not be planting selected plants and we will not install irrigation systems. This consultation is designed to help you manage your small DIY landscape project. Larger jobs that require installations, irrigation set up or anything outside of designing a “Do-It-Yourself” landscape or garden will be redirected to the landscape office.  Contact the landscape office for further details here.

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$100 per hour consultation session. Includes 20% off your entire plant purchase.

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