Delivery & Planting Services

Delivery ONLY Fees:

Multiple houseplants, annual planters, small furniture <80lbs. (One person only in van or truck)

  • $35

Full Loads, heavy planters, heavy furniture, & Nursery Stock 80+ lbs. (Two people in our delivery truck)

  • Fort Collins / Windsor / Timnath $85
  • Loveland / Wellington / Severance $100
  • Greeley / Livermore / Redfeather / Rist Canyon $150
  • Cheyenne $200

Delivery & Planting Fees:

Planting of nursery stock is calculated at 60% of the original price of the plant material. Compost & tree stakes are included in the price. Customer has the option of installing shredded cedar mulch around the plant material for an addition of $15 per tree or shrub. Removal of the stakes at a later date is also available for an additional $50 at the time of service.

Minimum Planting Fee is $85 (that means a $30 shrub would cost another $85 to plant)

-Fort Collins / Timnath / Windsor 60% of the original cost of the plants

-Loveland / Wellington / Severance 70% of the original cost of the plants

-Greeley / Livermore / Redfeather / Rist Canyon 80% of the original cost of the plants

-Cheyenne 100% of the original cost of the plants

General Labor Rate

$60/hr for any additional labor while on-site.