We are proud to support many local organizations and we lend a helping hand whenever possible. In addition to our standing commitment to several nonprofits, we make many small donations to silent auctions and fundraisers. If you would like to be considered for a donation, please submit the donation request form at least 1 month prior to your event. Come to the store for a copy.

Bath Garden Center proudly supports many local nonprofits, including:

animal house

Some of our events geared toward educating and engaging our community:

Click here to see our current calendar of events!


Spring Me from the Shelter

An annual event where dogs from Animal House Rescue who are having a hard time getting adopted come to the nursery for a promotional, floral photo shoot and meet and greet.


Educational Tours

When we have time available to do so, we offer educational tours for schools and different groups that teach the benefit and beauty of plants, animals and nature.


Bath Classes

Bath offers educational classes at a low cost to the public! This class featured a special guest in a homemade mantis costume followed by a ladybug release!