Christmas Trees Galore!

Click here to save on Christmas trees. We have over 1,000 Christmas trees to choose from! Sizes range from 3 to 17 feet. We also have several varieties including Colorado native species. See the varieties we carry below and some facts about each kind. Keep in mind, some of the photos show the trees as they are in nature. The trees we have in stock will have more of a classic Christmas tree shape to them.

Balsam fir (Abies balsamea)

  • Native to Northeast United States
  • Dark green needles that slope upward
  • Good symmetry
  • Branches hold ornaments well
  • Good needle retention
  • Strong aroma can fill a room

Fraser fir (Abies fraseri)

  • Native to Southeastern United States
  • Green needles with silvery stripes on the underside
  • Can show irregular form
  • Upturned branches very sturdy can hold many ornaments
  • Great needle retention
  • Pleasant aroma

Noble fir (Abies procera Rehd.)

  • Native to the Northwestern United States
  • Deep bluish-green color needles that twist upward
  • Beautiful shape best symmetry
  • Strong limbs and branches
  • Superior needle retention
  • Wonderful fragrance

Nordmann fir (Abies nordmanniana)

  • Native of Turkey
  • A shiny deep green soft needles
  • Beautiful rounded shape,and dense needles
  • Strong branches are great for large ornaments
  • Superior needle retention
  • Low aroma level, less allergy sensitivity

Subalpine fir (Abies lasiocarpa)

  • Native of Colorado grows up to 12,000 feet elevation
  • Dark blue-green needles with silvery lines on both sides
  • Irregular conical shape
  • Strong branches
  • Good needle retention
  • Low aroma

Lodgepole pine (PInus contorta)

  • Native of Colorado grows up to 11,000 feet elevation
  • Dark green to yellow green colored stiff needles
  • Straight slender irregular form
  • Strong branches with pine cones
  • Great needle retention
  • Mild pine aroma

We give your tree a fresh cut when you pick it up to keep it looking better longer!