Happy Valentine’s Day

Take a look through what we have to offer. <3 <3

Floral Arrangements

Zuzu's Bake Shop will be here from Noon-5 decorating cookies!

Zuzu's Bake Shop will be here from Noon-5pm with sweet treats!

Gifts for the decorator

Jewelry and French imported candies

Wall art, soap, cards, lotion, candle

"You're Stuck with Me" pot, wine bottle planter, seeds

Zen sand garden, "You Are Wonder Full" gift bag, ceramic turtle and owl


Valentine’s Day Plants

Cut flowers will die quickly and many gifts will be lost or forgotten. Plants offer a meaningful and symbolic gift that will continue growing and flourishing as a token of your affection.


February’s Plant of the Month: Croton

Light: High

What to watch out for: They will lose their leaves or their leaves will decrease in vibrancy if they are not getting enough light.

Water: They like to stay moist but not soggy. Let the top few inches of soil dry out and then water deeply letting the water run out the drainage holes at the bottom of the container.

What to watch out for: If they get too dry, they will wilt. Once
they start losing their leaves, they are hard to rejuvenate.



Plants that are Hard to Kill

New to houseplants or wrapped up in a busy lifestyle? These plants are difficult to kill and easy to love. Most of them need to dry out completely in between waterings. We included a couple tips for each plant. Come in and ask us if you have any additional questions and we would be happy to point out appropriate fertilizers etc.


Plants for Low Light

Introducing our first section to our houseplant library. It's just another way we are making finding the perfect houseplant for you simple! Click the link below to learn about which plants are best suited for low light conditions.


January Plant of the Month: Dracaena Kiwi

Light: Medium

What to watch out for: They will have smaller leaves and slower growth if the light is too low and their leaves will burn in direct sunlight.

Water: Over-watering is one of the most common reasons a Dracaena will die. Let them dry out and then water deeply, letting the water drain from the bottom of the container. It could take up to 3 weeks to dry out in the winter.

What to watch out for: If the water you are giving your plant has fluoride or...


Winter Plants

Gardening in the winter doesn't have to be non-existent! Here are some pretty indoor plants to consider for the winter!

Rosemary trees smell delicious!


Indoor Plants: A Contemporary Statement in Your Home

More and more people are turning to houseplants as a way to add tranquility to their household. Coming home to a quiet, thriving houseplant after a long day helps one remember to breathe easy both literally and figuratively. Not only do houseplants produce oxygen, but studies have shown that they positively impact productivity in the workplace and decrease feelings of stress. Taking care of a houseplant should be a joyous experience, but with a busy work week, many people don’t want the added...