Indoor Plants: A Contemporary Statement in Your Home

More and more people are turning to houseplants as a way to add tranquility to their household. Coming home to a quiet, thriving houseplant after a long day helps one remember to breathe easy both literally and figuratively. Not only do houseplants produce oxygen, but studies have shown that they positively impact productivity in the workplace and decrease feelings of stress. Taking care of a houseplant should be a joyous experience, but with a busy work week, many people don’t want the added...


Greenery for Every Season

This time of year can be hard for gardeners, but luckily we have 2 greenhouses packed full with flourishing greenery! Learning about and taking care of houseplants is a great way to green up your life year round. Come in see what we have, ask us questions your questions about houseplants, or just enjoy the greenhouses. Here are some that we have in stock right now:

Bring the rain forest indoors.




A great conversation starter:



Poinsettias: Winter’s Gems

We have over a dozen varieties to choose from! We grow our poinsettias right here in our greenhouses. We also supply places around Northern Colorado with these stunning plants every year including the Greeley Orchestra. We can even do poinsettia interiorscape designs and installations for businesses and homes. If interested in an interiorscape, please call us at (970) 484-5022 and ask to speak with Tiffany.


Caring for Potted Mums

The best time to buy mums is now before they are in full bloom so you can enjoy them for a longer period of time.

Mums like regular conditions. They will not thrive in conditions that experience vast changes in temperature. Mums do best outside in full sun.
Use your hand to check the soil every day. If the top inch of the soil is dry, water your mums and let the water drain out the bottom of the pot. If you have a saucer that catches the drained water, make sure to dump the excess water...


Fall Planting

Now is the perfect time to plant your second set of cool crop veggies!In Colorado, planting your cool crops in the fall can work out even better than planting them in the spring because the ground is already thawed and warm which quickens the germination process. If we happen to get a frost before you harvest your second round of veggies, go ahead and cover them with frost cloth. You don't want the cloth to touch the plants at all. You can use a trash can, for example, to create a tenting structure.



5 Tips for Cacti and Succulents

Summer is hot. Indoor plants are cool! 


Water cacti and succulents at least once a week. Water thoroughly and let the water run out of the drainage holes in the bottom. They are drought tolerant so if you forget a watering, they may look a little scraggly, but they will recover!


Cactus soil is specially formulated to allow water to moisten the soil and run through because these plants don’t like to stay wet. Don’t use just regular potting soil. Cacti...


5 Reasons to Plant Colorado Native Species

1. Native plants have adapted to local soil, rainfall and temperature conditions which makes them hardy.

2. You can save time and money when you invest in plants that are local to Northern Colorado because they require less water, pesticides, fertilizers and maintenance.

3. Native plants offer better shelter and food for native animals.

4. Landscaping with native plants helps restore the land to a healthy ecosystem and protects biodiversity.

5. Native plants have a natural...


Lovely Lupines

Lupines are a beautiful perennial that add personality to any landscape! We have just about every color imaginable. They are characterized by tall columns of tightly clustered and vibrant blooms. They bloom in the summer, require deadheading in order to rebloom and make gorgeous cut flowers. Lupines are harmful if eaten and require full sun to part shade. Hummingbirds and butterflies love Lupines while deer tend to be repelled. Look  below to see the varieties we just got in!