Don’t Wait on Wasps!

Now is the Time to Trap the Queen

Wasp nests are typically made of paper, mud, or

Wasps are nothing new. They're a nuisance, they're aggressive, and in the case of allergies, can be deadly. So do yourself, and you loved ones a favor and use these tips to keep the wasp swarms at bay this summer.

1. Trap the Queen in the Spring

Understanding the behavior of wasps is crucial to keeping their numbers down. During the winter,...


Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are in our future! Luckily, we carry NATURAL mosquito repellents!


Rescue Go Clip Personal Mosquito Repellent:


Clip on to chairs or clothes
Lasts 6 days based on a 8 hours use per day.
Safe for children and pets
Convenient clip to chairs, clothing and pet collars
Nothing to spray or apply to your skin
Also repels biting flies and ticks



Rescue Deco Shield Decorative Mosquito Repellent: