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What to Plant this Fall

Summer may be coming to end, but autumn is a great time for gardening! Here is a list of some plants that look amazing during the fall.

Flowering Pear Trees are spectacular and have excellent fall color and an exciting spring bloom. Chanticleer Pear and Javelin Pear have it all, beautiful white spring flowers and yellow orange, red and purple fall color. These trees are resistant to Fire Blight and a fast growing, well performing tree in the Fort Collins area.



Trees are Cool

Summer is hot. Shade trees are cool. Trees in general omit water vapor from their leaves which cools the air. Shade trees offer additional protection to you and your home. You can plant them to sit under and to create a shade barrier from the intense morning and evening sun.

A few tips when planting shade trees: plant in varying sizes. Depth equals oxygenated and cool air. Any tree casts shade, broad coverage is what makes a good shade tree. It takes a while for a tree to be full grown so grow...


Lush and Xeric

Xeric plants that will thrive even when your neighbor's landscape is wilting under the heat:


Mountain Mahogany

Native, hardy, uniquely textured foliage, grows large, mahogany wood.



Texas Red Yucca

Indigenous peoples used this plant for rope. It has beautiful red flower and is strong which makes it good for rope, cords, clothes, bedding mats etc.



Sand Cherries

Creeping, extremely hardy.




Trees for Privacy

Need a private space or screen an unsightly view?  We have the trees or shrubs for you. Come visit our privacy plant display at the nursery.  Plants range in height from 8 to 30 feet tall, and 4 to 15 feet wide. They come with spring flowers, fall color, or evergreen all year.

Blue Arrow Juniper 20 x 3. Click here to see Google images.

Moonglow Juniper 20 x 10. Click here to see Google...


Hail Recovery

There is never a dull moment when you  are gardening in Colorado! If the spring storms are beating up your garden, here are some tips to help them recover!

You can apply organic Bonide Copper Fungicide as soon as possible after the storm on your plants’ wounds. This will help prevent fungal infections.
Keep as many remaining leaves as possible.  If more than half of a leaf is intact, leave it and let it create energy for the plant.
Remove broken and shredded leaves, stems...


2018 Roses

Roses are here! Below are some of our top picks and most popular varieties. Click here to see the full rose list for 2018. We carry over 80 varieties! While supplies last.


Type: Hybrid Tea
Color: Ruby Red
Fragrance: Moderate Fruity



Type: Hybrid Tea
Color: Electric deep pink
Fragrance: Sweet Rose


Ketchup & Mustard

Type: Floribunda
Color: Red with a deep yellow...


X-Rated Plants

Learn about X Rated plants at our Garden & Landscape DIY Fair on Saturday February 24th from 10am-4pm!

What are X-rated plants? Xeric or low-water plants should be part of every Colorado landscape and are rated by their drought tolerance hence where they get their X-rating from.  Xeric plants that you can grow in Colorado include trees like Bur Oak and Pinyon Pine, favorite shrubs like Lilac and Spirea, perennials such as Penstemon and Yarrow, and even annuals like Portulaca...


Why Plant Now

Fall is the perfect time to plant trees, shrubs and perennials!

The ground is warm and much softer than frozen, spring soil. Your plant material will also be less likely to experience heat stress if you plant now rather than in the summer.

The summer heat causes plants to dry out in more ways than one. Apart from needing more water due to evaporation, plants experience transpiration. Transpiration is how trees sweat by releasing vapor through their leaves. Always keep an eye on the weather...


Why Plant Trees and Shrubs in the Fall

Cooler Temperatures

The summer heat has died down. Planting trees and shrubs in the middle of the summer is typically not the best time because you run the risk of your plant material experiencing heat stress. Cooler temperatures also means that you don't have to plant in hot temperatures! Win, win!

Soft Soil

The moisture we have been getting combined with the warm temperatures means the ground is soft for planting which lessens your planting labor!

Low Transpiration