The Weird and Warty

Many of us instantly think of big, round, orange fruits when we hear the word "pumpkin." However, there are so many different kinds of pumpkins, gourds and squashes all with unique flavors and uses! Pumpkins grown for carving have been bred to be flat on the bottom and mostly hollow. Because of that, they aren’t typically very good for eating. While the seeds are yummy, people don’t usually eat the flesh because it is bland and watery. All squashes contain vitamin A and C, some of the B...


Planting and Caring for Fall Bulbs

Time to plant bulbs for blazing spring colors! Plant from mid-September to late October so your bulbs establish roots before the soil freezes.

Coordinate bloom times, bloom sizes, and bloom heights to ensure an interest and colorful spring garden.

Bulbs will do best in full sunlight with a gentle slope for good drainage. Fort Collins soil can be improved with soil amendments from our garden center. Planting depth varies, but a good rule of thumb is three or four times the diameter of the bulb,...


Featured Plants

Hardy Mums


Limoncello Barberry


Dart's Gold Ninebark







What to Plant this Fall

Summer may be coming to end, but autumn is a great time for gardening! Here is a list of some plants that look amazing during the fall.

Flowering Pear Trees are spectacular and have excellent fall color and an exciting spring bloom. Chanticleer Pear and Javelin Pear have it all, beautiful white spring flowers and yellow orange, red and purple fall color. These trees are resistant to Fire Blight and a fast growing, well performing tree in the Fort Collins area.