April Plant of the Month

Bromeliad Fun Facts

Fun Fact #1: Bromeliads are related to Pineapples.

The pineapple is the edible Bromeliad. Known as Ananas comosus in the scientific community, Pineapple grows under the ground, not in a tree, and has a fun leafy top. They perform best in tropical climates, but make for pretty durable houseplants as well.

Fun Fact #2: Bromeliads have pups.

Bromeliads typically only have one bloom. After that, it forms offsets, known as pups, which are exact replicas of the mother. Those pups will then produce gorgeous blooms, and so on.

Fun Fact # 3: There are over 2000 species of Bromeliads

And many can be grown indoors with success. The Puya raimondii (native to the Andes) can produce a flowering stem up to 15 feet tall, while the tank variety called Aechmea has broad, bowl-shaped rosettes. There really is no limit to the variety a Bromeliad can bring.

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When we talk about houseplants and gardens, the images that come to mind are potted snake plants, rows of pansies, and succulents at your computer. But what about hanging plants?

An extremely powerful application of plant arrangement, hanging plants can do so much for whatever space you are wanting to enhance. Here are our top 3 favorite ways to include hanging plants in your home.

1. A Clay Pot in Macrame

The combination of a warm, clay pot in a Macrame hanger gives a space a warm, cozy feel. We suggest potting succulents, cacti, and some of the Hoya varieties (like Shooting Star or Hindu rope).

2. Plants that Clean the Air

What’s better than a plant that actually works for you? With the vinous elegance of plants like Pothos and Philodendron, or the fun and full spunk of Ferns, you can have a hanging piece of art that also purifies the air.

Hang them in your living room, kitchen, and especially bathroom for a boost in healthy air quality.

3. Hanging Glass Pots

A great way to make a space feel light and airy is adding in a hanging pot, glass or ceramic, or Air Plants. These pots fit many styles: modern, farmhouse, shabby chic, and really any where you want to feel a little more relaxed.

What ways do you use hanging plants + pots?


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Early Spring Lawn Care

Good lawn care requires attention year-round. The good news is, the steps can be simple! Here are some of our products for early spring lawn care that will feed your lawn and also prevent new weed seeds from germinating.

Pro-tip: It is a great idea to fertilize your lawn right before it rains so that Mother Nature will water it in for you!


Alpha One Natural Organic Lawn & Garden Fertilizer. Alpha One is located in Colorado and makes their product specifically for Colorado soil.


 Espoma Organic Lawn Food Spring Lawn Booster. This product is designed to green up your lawn as early as possible. It adds long lasting nutrients to your lawn and is safe for kids and pets.


Fertilome For All Seasons II. Feed your lawn and prevent crabgrass and other pesky weed seeds from germinating.


Dave Thompson’s Organic Healthy Grow Gold Corn Gluten.
Corn gluten is a weed preventer plus turf food. In the early spring, rake debris from your lawn, and apply corn gluten before weed seeds germinate. The forecasted precipitation will water the corn gluten in for you, saving water and making your job that much easier.

What to Plant

You’ve heard all about potatoes, onions and garlic. But, what else, you ask? There is plenty more to be planted pronto and even this list is incomplete. Come in to see it all!


Honeycrisp Apples
Contender Peaches
Kieffer Pears
Fall Gold Raspberries

Veggie Starts

Brussels Sprouts

Perennial Veggies


Summer Blooming Bulbs

Dahlias – Countless varieties and colors
And More!

Potatoes, Onions and Garlic

See what your options are below:


We have amazing all-purpose potatoes, potatoes for mashing or frying, purple, red and yellow potatoes…whatever your heart desires!

Russet Goldrush
German Butterball
Russian Banana
Red Norland
Yukon Gold
Purple Majesty
Cherry Red
Sangre Red
Adirondack Blue
Harvest Blend (A mixed pack of red, yellow and purple potato varieties)


Yellow, white, red, big, small, shallots, onions that are perfect for salads and relishes, good all-purpose onions….we have it all!

White Snowball
Red Karmen
Inchelium Red
Gourmet Yellow


Big, small, red, white, purple, garlic that is great for garlic braids, edible scapes and bulbs…if you like cooking with garlic, try growing your own!

Silver Rose
Italian Late
Gourmet Red – Shallot

Onion Bundles

Walla Walla
Red Candy Apple
Super Star
Yellow Spanish
Yellow Stuttgarter

Potatoes in Stock

Basics of growing potatoes:


Store potato seed in a cool, dark, well-aerated place before planting. You can cut up a larger seed before you plant it but be careful! Each piece needs at least 2 strong eyes and you may want to dust the pieces with powdered fungicide to reduce the risk of infection. We currently have a couple of powder fungicide products to choose from:


Potatoes like well-drained, compost-enriched soil. Don’t overdo the nitrogen or you’ll get many vines but few tubers. We suggest Sheep and Peat compost as a good balance for potatoes.

Make the rows between 2 and 5 feet apart, trenches 6-8 inches deep and plant the seed pieces 10-14 inches apart in the trenches. Cover the seed with 3-4 inches of soil without completely filling the trench. As potato plants surface, cover the stem with more dirt, leaving the top of the plant poking out of the soil. Gently hill the vines (leaving about half of the vine exposed) to create more space for the potatoes to grow.
You can plant potatoes right now, but keep an eye on the weather. If temperatures drop to freezing, you can cover your plants with a frost cloth. Potatoes don’t take much water, but do require consistency. Watering is dependent upon weather. If you have further questions, come to the store and we can help you!


Harvest the main crop in mid to late October. Make sure to either harvest from dry soil or allow the potatoes to dry if they are wet when you harvest them. Discard any blemished, misshapen or damaged tubers; minor damages to the potato may heal if allowed to dry but keep them separated from uninjured potatoes.

Not sure which variety to grow? Browse through our potato varieties that we carry to discover how they are unique!

Organic German Butterball

Tender and flaky in texture; perfect for mashed potatoes. They are sweet, rich and buttery. Good all purpose potato.

Organic Purple Majesty

Wow your guests with these fancy, vibrant potatoes! Good in soups and salads. Sweet and buttery flavor. High in antioxidants.

Russet Goldrush

Potatoes in the Russet family are very common as they are versatile. They are great for most uses including mashing, baking and frying.

Russian Banana

Easy to Grow. Rich, nutty and buttery flavor. Fluffy consistency.

Organic Sangre Red

Roasting, boiling and baking. You can harvest these young and they will still be a good size and flavorful. They are great for delicious flavor and easy growing.

Organic Vermilion

Delicious flavor and firm flesh, good for roasting, frying and caramelizing.

Yukon Gold

Boil, bake, fry, soups and chowders. Perfect all purpose potato.

Red Norland

Strong growing potato, harvest early season, easy to grow, ideal for home gardens, excellent for cooking.

Organic Cherry Red

Ideal for boiling or baking, ideal for home gardens, easy to grow, excellent for cooking.

Harvest Blend

Wow your dinner guests with a colorful array of multi-functional potatoes you grew yourself!

Plants that are Hard to Kill

New to houseplants or wrapped up in a busy lifestyle? These plants are difficult to kill and easy to love. Most of them need to dry out completely in between waterings. We included a couple tips for each plant. Come in and ask us if you have any additional questions and we would be happy to point out appropriate fertilizers etc.

Plants for Households with Kids and Pets

Have yourself an urban jungle while keeping your curious kids and pets safe! While these plants are non-toxic, you still do not want to ingest them unless they are specifically edible. Ingesting non-edible plants in mass will still create reactions.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Take a look through what we have to offer. <3 <3

Floral Arrangements
Zuzu’s Bake Shop will be here from Noon-5 decorating cookies!
Zuzu’s Bake Shop will be here from Noon-5pm with sweet treats!
Gifts for the decorator
Jewelry and French imported candies
Wall art, soap, cards, lotion, candle
“You’re Stuck with Me” pot, wine bottle planter, seeds
Zen sand garden, “You Are Wonder Full” gift bag, ceramic turtle and owl

Valentine’s Day Plants

Cut flowers will die quickly and many gifts will be lost or forgotten. Plants offer a meaningful and symbolic gift that will continue growing and flourishing as a token of your affection.