Trees are Cool

Summer is hot. Shade trees are cool. Trees in general omit water vapor from their leaves which cools the air. Shade trees offer additional protection to you and your home. You can plant them to sit under and to create a shade barrier from the intense morning and evening sun.

A few tips when planting shade trees: plant in varying sizes. Depth equals oxygenated and cool air. Any tree casts shade, broad coverage is what makes a good shade tree. It takes a while for a tree to be full grown so grow...


Lush and Xeric

Xeric plants that will thrive even when your neighbor's landscape is wilting under the heat:


Mountain Mahogany

Native, hardy, uniquely textured foliage, grows large, mahogany wood.



Texas Red Yucca

Indigenous peoples used this plant for rope. It has beautiful red flower and is strong which makes it good for rope, cords, clothes, bedding mats etc.



Sand Cherries

Creeping, extremely hardy.




Trees for Privacy

Need a private space or screen an unsightly view?  We have the trees or shrubs for you. Come visit our privacy plant display at the nursery.  Plants range in height from 8 to 30 feet tall, and 4 to 15 feet wide. They come with spring flowers, fall color, or evergreen all year.

Blue Arrow Juniper 20 x 3. Click here to see Google images.

Moonglow Juniper 20 x 10. Click here to see Google...


Blooming Perennials

Vibrant plants that bloom year after year! Here is a sampling of some perennials we carry that are blooming right now:


Columbine: Colorado's state flower, spring bloomers, re-seed readily, good for naturalizing, low maintenance



Peony: Giant blooms, fragrant flowers, comes in many different colors, full sun



Clematis: Large flowers with...