Trees for Privacy

Need a private space or screen an unsightly view?  We have the trees or shrubs for you. Come visit our privacy plant display at the nursery.  Plants range in height from 8 to 30 feet tall, and 4 to 15 feet wide. They come with spring flowers, fall color, or evergreen all year.

Blue Arrow Juniper 20 x 3. Click here to see Google images.

Moonglow Juniper 20 x 10. Click here to see Google...


Blooming Perennials

Vibrant plants that bloom year after year! Here is a sampling of some perennials we carry that are blooming right now:


Columbine: Colorado's state flower, spring bloomers, re-seed readily, good for naturalizing, low maintenance



Peony: Giant blooms, fragrant flowers, comes in many different colors, full sun



Clematis: Large flowers with...


Featured Peppers

Time to plant peppers! Here are some of our featured pepper varieties with recipes we want to try for each variety. Click here to see more pepper recipes on our Pinterest Board. 



Small, mild peppers that are great for roasting, pan frying and grilling. They char when cooked and adopt a delicious, rich flavor. They are traditionally harvested when green, but they get sweeter if left to grow until they are orange or red. Prolific. Click here to see delicious recipes.



Hail Recovery

There is never a dull moment when you  are gardening in Colorado! If the spring storms are beating up your garden, here are some tips to help them recover!

You can apply organic Bonide Copper Fungicide as soon as possible after the storm on your plants’ wounds. This will help prevent fungal infections.
Keep as many remaining leaves as possible.  If more than half of a leaf is intact, leave it and let it create energy for the plant.
Remove broken and shredded leaves, stems...


Growing Tomatoes 101

Site selection: Site selection is incredibly important for growing tomatoes. Tomatoes should be grown in areas that receive full sun. South or Western facing areas are preferable. 6 hours of sunlight is generally the minimum requirement for successful tomato growing. Depending on personal circumstances and varieties, tomatoes can be grown in containers, raised garden beds or rows.

Amending the Soil: Tomatoes prefer a soil pH of about 6-6.8. (7 being neutral). Colorado soils that have never been...