Greenery for Every Season

This time of year can be hard for gardeners, but luckily we have 2 greenhouses packed full with flourishing greenery! Learning about and taking care of houseplants is a great way to green up your life year round. Come in see what we have, ask us questions your questions about houseplants, or just enjoy the greenhouses. Here are some that we have in stock right now:

Bring the rain forest indoors.




A great conversation starter:



Poinsettias: Winter’s Gems

We have over a dozen varieties to choose from! We grow our poinsettias right here in our greenhouses. We also supply places around Northern Colorado with these stunning plants every year including the Greeley Orchestra. We can even do poinsettia interiorscape designs and installations for businesses and homes. If interested in an interiorscape, please call us at (970) 484-5022 and ask to speak with Tiffany.


Christmas Trees Galore!

Click here to save on Christmas trees. We have over 1,000 Christmas trees to choose from! Sizes range from 3 to 17 feet. We also have several varieties including Colorado native species. See the varieties we carry below and some facts about each kind. Keep in mind, some of the photos show the trees as they are in nature. The trees we have in stock will have more of a classic Christmas tree shape to them.

Balsam fir (Abies balsamea)

Native to Northeast United States


Holiday Wreaths

Our very own Ria from Nature's Grace Design hand makes fresh wreaths! Exact replications may not be available depending on supply and because each one is made by hand.

Option 1: Choose from a wide selection of pre-made wreaths!

Option 2: We now have 24 inch wreaths in 3 different themes that make excellent gifts. We will even ship those for you! Click here for more information.

Option 3: We create custom wreaths! Come in to the store...


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Visit Santa and his reindeer, pick up gifts for everyone, get Christmas decor and even get yourself a snuggly scarf and sweater. What are you looking for? Click any of the boxes below to be redirected.