As Colorado residents, we are no strangers to fluctuating conditions in the winter. It might be snowing one day and totally melted and sunny the next. While plants look generally dormant in the winter months and we are used to seeing things come back to life in the spring, our gardens and landscapes all need to be winterized in order to survive. Below you will find information on rose collars, tree wrap, frost cloth, lawn winterizer, and sprinkler blows outs that will let you know why you need...


Perennial Grasses

Grasses have more uses than you might think!

When planted strategically, grasses have many uses. They can create different kinds of spaces and attract birds. Grasses can be a coverage plant to fill empty spaces and can act as borders. For example, all grasses can be planted in a circle or half moon arrangement with a private seating area in the middle. Below are some useful facts about the varieties we have available. While supplies last.


Dwarf Zebra...