Lovely Lupines

Lupines are a beautiful perennial that add personality to any landscape! We have just about every color imaginable. They are characterized by tall columns of tightly clustered and vibrant blooms. They bloom in the summer, require deadheading in order to rebloom and make gorgeous cut flowers. Lupines are harmful if eaten and require full sun to part shade. Hummingbirds and butterflies love Lupines while deer tend to be repelled. Look  below to see the varieties we just got in!




Save the Bees!

It's said that bees are responsible for one of every three bites of food we eat! Fruits and vegetables that we eat and many plants used to feed livestock are all pollinated by bees. Not to mention, honey is delicious and consuming local honey can help combat allergies.  Here are some plants we have in stock now that benefit bees.

Annual Flowers - Annuals will continue to bloom all summer when well taken care of. Make sure to feed and water them adequately for the longest bloom period.





10 Reasons to Plant Your Veggies Now

Night time temperatures are perfect now!

Warm season veggies do best when night temperatures stay consistently at 55 degrees and above. We are just now hitting that point!

Reduces Stress

Studies show that leaving your phone inside and gardening outdoors can relieve stress more than other leisurely activities! Make gardening a fun routine to experience the most effective emotional benefits.

Fresh produce You Can Trust

From our greenhouse to your backyard!...


Compact Trees & Shrubs

The beauty that trees offer is invaluable. Some people run into the problem of not having enough room for large trees or shrubs. Below you will find some varieties we carry that are appropriate for small spaces. These varieties are actually shrubs that are pruned to resemble trees. Dwarf trees typically do not thrive in Colorado's fluctuating climate. Pruning shrubs is one option to create a tree form for a small space. Therefore, all of the plants below will need to be pruned regularly to keep...


Seed Starting Now

Renee from Botanical Interests gave us the details you need to know for starting seeds now. Many people think it is too late to plant seeds, but you still have some time!

Tomatoes, peppers and artichokes cannot be planted by seed outside anymore. Edible plants such as squash, beans, radishes, beets and cucumbers require a much shorter time fame to reach maturity. They typically range in taking 25-70 days to mature as opposed to tomatoes and peppers which can take over 120 days.  Plants that require...