Crazy for Succulents


Everyone loves succulents! We have tons of different varieties, shapes, colors and sizes! Generally, they are easy to care for if you keep a few pointers in mind.

Different kinds of succulents need different kinds of care. This article offers an extremely brief description as a way to relay the general expectations for obligation in owning a succulent. If you come in to the store and pick out a succulent, we will be more than happy to give you detailed information on how to care for your...



Poinsettias are a classic holiday season plant! Their beautiful colors offer warmth and cheer to this cold time of year!

Fun Fact: They originate from Mexico and were cultivated by the Aztecs. The Aztecs used the plant for dye and to counteract fever.

Poinsettias are thought by many to be poisonous to small children and pets, but this is incorrect! A study conducted by POISINDEX® Information Service, the main source used by the majority of poison control centers, found that a 50 pound...


Winter Gems: Amaryllis


How to grow

We currently carry 10 varieties of blooming amaryllis bulbs (while supplies last). The flowers differ in size and you can tell how large the bloom will be by the size of the bulb. The bigger the bulb, the larger the bloom. They also vary in color and there are single and double blooming plants!

Winter can be a hard time for gardeners, but that is the great thing about amaryllis! They are exquisitely beautiful and are easy to grow indoors. The bulbs can take 7-10 weeks to...


Fall Decorating

We have everything you need to decorate your walk way, create a table center piece, or get creative for your fall decorating! Click here to see all these ideas and more on our Pinterest page! We have hay bales, mums, corn stalks, whiskey barrels, pottery, tons of pumpkins in different sizes and colors, lanterns, twinkle lights - everything you need to decorate for the fall!


Stack the flat Cinderella pumpkins on the bottom and lead up to wolf pumpkins or pie pumpkins...



As Colorado residents, we are no strangers to fluctuating conditions in the winter. It might be snowing one day and totally melted and sunny the next. While plants look generally dormant in the winter months and we are used to seeing things come back to life in the spring, our gardens and landscapes all need to be winterized in order to survive. Below you will find information on rose collars, tree wrap, frost cloth, lawn winterizer, and sprinkler blows outs that will let you know why you need...