Caring for Potted Mums

The best time to buy mums is now before they are in full bloom so you can enjoy them for a longer period of time.

Mums like regular conditions. They will not thrive in conditions that experience vast changes in temperature. Mums do best outside in full sun.
Use your hand to check the soil every day. If the top inch of the soil is dry, water your mums and let the water drain out the bottom of the pot. If you have a saucer that catches the drained water, make sure to dump the excess water...


Why Plant Trees and Shrubs in the Fall

Cooler Temperatures

The summer heat has died down. Planting trees and shrubs in the middle of the summer is typically not the best time because you run the risk of your plant material experiencing heat stress. Cooler temperatures also means that you don't have to plant in hot temperatures! Win, win!

Soft Soil

The moisture we have been getting combined with the warm temperatures means the ground is soft for planting which lessens your planting labor!

Low Transpiration



Fall Planting

Now is the perfect time to plant your second set of cool crop veggies!In Colorado, planting your cool crops in the fall can work out even better than planting them in the spring because the ground is already thawed and warm which quickens the germination process. If we happen to get a frost before you harvest your second round of veggies, go ahead and cover them with frost cloth. You don't want the cloth to touch the plants at all. You can use a trash can, for example, to create a tenting structure.




Vines are the plant equivalent to splashing paint on a blank canvas. Vines bring life to blank walls and can turn wire gazebos into vibrant shade structures for relaxation. Vines also offer shelter for beneficial insects and birds. Here are some we have in stock right now:

Engelman Ivy

Berries are toxic, use as  ground cover or vine, leaves emerge bronze in spring and mature to a dull green,  leaves change to bronze-red in fall, produces black berries in fall, stems are...


5 Tips for Cacti and Succulents

Summer is hot. Indoor plants are cool! 


Water cacti and succulents at least once a week. Water thoroughly and let the water run out of the drainage holes in the bottom. They are drought tolerant so if you forget a watering, they may look a little scraggly, but they will recover!


Cactus soil is specially formulated to allow water to moisten the soil and run through because these plants don’t like to stay wet. Don’t use just regular potting soil. Cacti...